Northcore 10th Anniversary Ladies T Shirt - Small


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Every little helps when it comes to being a bit more environmentally conscious. Small things like picking up plastic from your local beach, stop using plastic bags, walking instead of driving short journeys all adds up and does make a difference especially when millions do the same thing. This year as Northcore is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary and we wanted to make a t-shirt to celebrate, so it needed to be eco-friendly .

We were stoked to find a supplier of 100% recycled material Tees consisting of 60% waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing, shredded and blended with 40% recycled plastic bottles which are turned into salvaged t-shirts. How cool!

The print design was inspired our Northcore Triumph "Beach Bonny" fitted with our "Lowrider Moto surfboard racks". T-shirts are available in standard fit grey for men or fitted fit red for women, in sizes small, medium and large.