Handmade UK Custom Surfboards


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Our Surfboards are made to order so please email us for more details

Theres an art to crafting and shaping a surfboard which takes years of dedication and knowledge to master. Yes board production can be mimicked by a machine and mass produced in a factory but a factory will never capture the finer details which transform a board from one that will catch a wave to one that is magic to ride.

By working with one of the UKs foremost board shapers Northcore hand crafted boards aim to capture that indefinable magic and provide surfers with really special boards that are made just for you. We make each and every board to order so you can choose from our range of templates and then fine tune rocker, rails, thickness, bottom contours, width etc to meet your level of surfing and preferred waves. Shortboard prices start from only £395.00 with free UK shipping so email us for more details.