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Northcore Powerstroke PRO Surf Exercise



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The brand new Northcore Powerstroke Pro cord is the ultimate bespoke home workout and training device. It provides a fully portable workout to suit your needs as it can be attached to door handles, posts or any fixtures that aren't going to move during exercise

Used regularly it will improve all the major muscles involved in paddling for surfing, swimming and many more, making you stronger and upping endurance levels.

The Powerstroke bungee will also improve:

  • Aerobic surfing fitness
  • Major muscles for surfing paddle power
  • Latissimus dorsi - major muscles along side the back
  • Trapezius - muscles that help support the head above the shoulder blades
  • Triceps - back of the arms

The Northcore Powerstroke Pro bungee comes with a 3m bungee, resistance cord with 2 x paddle handles which open your workouts up to a wide and varied range of exercises.

Product ratings

4 March 2022

I pulled a shoulder muscle so these bands have been perfect for getting back strength and fitness