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Our Reason

Northcore is a brand producing technical accessories and hardware for the surf, boardriding and adventure sports communities. Our roots are in hardcore cold water surfing, so every Northcore product is tough, practical, of exceptional quality and integrity. At Northcore we love to design, create and be inspired by working with the best athletes and engaging with progressive film making, music, art and photography. It’s what make us tick and it’s what makes our job a true pleasure and privilege.

We're also aware of our responsibilities as a business. These responsibilities form part of the central foundation of everything we do. By it's very nature any business has an intrinsic capability to impact on the environment, communities and the world around them. So a clear conflict of interest can arise between a businesses operations and it's potentially detrimental effects, but it's how a company approaches that conflict which defines them. The Northcore brand does have a carbon footprint and it does create waste the same as any other business however our approach is to be realistic and attempt to mitigate any potential impact. We do this by working towards a positive culture of change, by setting our priorities beyond profit at all costs, managing our operations and by giving careful consideration to the products we produce. So far we have established a code of conduct for our primary manufacturing partners which outlines the protection of workers rights and fair pay, we're working towards having plastic free packaging for 90% of all our products by late 2018, we're contributing to a tree planting scheme in Ireland and above all we aim for longevity of our products. 

The consumer culture of cheap throw away goods is damaging on so many levels. So valuing our product durability and longevity is a key element of our brand. We want to make products that have a purpose and are made to the highest quality standards with materials that, where possible, minimise the environmental impact. This way we hope that Northcore products last for many years, if not generations. It's exciting to know that one day some of our products will be handed down from parent to child and beyond. If possible repaired, not discarded. It's important to us that our products are owned and not consumed.

So if you’d like to join us and share your creative talents, have any ideas or feedback, stock our products or just drop us a line to say hi, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you

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