A guide to surfing in Namibia

A few years ago a surfer from Germany called Thomas Geier contacted us asking if we had any kit we could spare for young surfers on the Namibian coast as surf kit is very hard to come by down there and he offered to take some over on his next trip to give to the kids, so we were happy to help out. Since then Thomas has stayed in contact and he’s recently made another extended African trip producing a Go Pro short film called #prosforlife of the Namibian adventure and he’s also been kind enough to provide a write up for us below about the filming and on surfing the African west coast…

Local Philip Seidler
Local Philip Seidler

Thomas Geier: “Basically we wanted to show the viewer how amazing surfing in Namibia can be.
All the way from empty line ups in the morning shared with seals and dolphins through to december holiday season where you share the line up with up to 15 other surfers. And they call these days packed.

Local wildlife
Local wildlife

The good thing about our Trip there was that we started in October and ended in January meaning we had a big window of very different swells and temperatures to choose from. While in october it could cool down to around 15 degrees Celsius in the morning with water temperatures at around the same, it was around 20-25 in december time and warm waters of around 20 degrees C.
Swells reached all the way from dead flat up until 15 foot. Unfortunately at those sizes having a GoPro in your mouth while Surfing is not my favourite thing to do.

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The perfect time of the year to visit Namibia would be the European summer though. Winter swells in Namibia unleash very very good waves with the advantage of being almost completely empty in the line ups. This is probably the biggest advantage you have when traveling to Namibia, unless you  surf in the festive season the surf spots have a average of max 5 people sitting out at the line up.

Thomas Geier
Thomas Geier

The only surf spot that does get a crowd is the legendary Skeleton Bay. Probably Namibias most famous wave, with a left hand barrel running for nearly 2.1 KM along a perfect sand bank.
Many professional surfers come to Namibia each year to surf this wave. Names like Craig Anderson, Jeremy Flores or Aritz Aranburu have gotten pitted along the Namibian coast.

Most local surfers are kind to outsiders and accept foreigners if they have manners and talk to the locals out in the water and respect the rules.

Down the line
Down the line

Another pro for traveling to Namibia to surf is the certainty of no sharks to attack you while surfing. Namibia has never had a single shark attack. Although there are a lot of seals they are no real danger unless. However Cape Cross, a perfect left going for more then 1 Km inhabits  one of the worlds biggest Seal Colonies and cannot be surfed anymore.

In short, Namibia is a safe and friendly country to go surf at. Winter (June to August) being the preferred season to travel to Namibia due to the long ranged winter swells. Factory point out at the Cape Cross lodge is a great wave for intermediate surfers. If you have a decent barrel riding technique and can afford to break a few boards, Skeleton Bay will be the ultimate wave for you.

Waiting for a set
Waiting for a set

Namibias Nature is astounding with a vast variety of wildlife to be seen. A downside on Namibia is the expensive flights there. Only three air lines land in Namibia, all of which cost around 700 to 1200 euros for a return flight to the capital Windhoek from Frankfurt

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    I am interested in meeting up with some local surfers to go to skeleton Bay and other parts of Namibia, perhaps a surf guide and some accommodation recommendations.


  2. Namibia is an amazing spot for surfing and in this place you can surf at whatever point this is the best place for the surf however a couple of times the waves are quick to the point that time you have to maintain a strategic distance from potential hazard else it is a nice place to learn and sharpen the surfing for the novices.

  3. Hi scotty, I´m flying to namibia next weak do you know a good surf city where I can start my surfing trip ?

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