5% Pledge to Surfers Against Sewage

Our 5% pledge to Surfers Against Sewage.

Our beloved blue spaces; vast, magnificent and under attack. We associate our waters with health. Both our own mental and physical health as well as the impossibly large array of life within it’s depths. However, our UK seas have failed on 11 out of the 15 official indicators of ocean health.

5% Pledge to Surfers Against Sewage
There’s signs of human impact in all corners of the globe.

As biodiversity declines year on year, urgent recovery of our oceans is paramount. Our climate, our planet’s inhabitants and our connection to the wild is at stake.

As plastics stifle our waters, it’s time to talk about the way we in the surf industry do business. What more can we do to protect our playgrounds?

Our pledge to Surfers Against Sewage

As board riders and lovers of the outdoors, protecting our blue spaces is woven into all aspects of our business. We acknowledge there’s no business without impact. But, we look for the cleanest and greenest ways to deliver the gear you need for your adventures. That’s why this November, we’re pledging 5% of the month’s sales to Surfers Against Sewage.

5% Pledge to Surfers Against Sewage
Protecting our playgrounds.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Surfers Against Sewage for a number of years as part of their 250 Club, but we decided to level up in the month that many of us are buying holiday gifts for the shredders and adventurers in our lives.

Our 5% donation will contribute to the charity’s work surrounding water quality, ocean recovery and combatting plastic pollution in our blue spaces. Maybe best of all, Surfers Against Sewage delivers education in schools, raising the next generation of ocean activists.

We hope that in making these conscious choices, we don’t let Christmas Shopping come at the expense of the planet. As always, we’re looking for more ways to do business better and uphold the values of our customers – the surf and outdoor community. We invite others in our industry to join us in taking a closer look at their operations this holiday season and turn Black Friday, blue.

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