#1MoreTreePlanted – Northcore tree planting initiative

Limiting the environmental impact of business activities may not be the most rock and roll aspect of a company story. However it is integral to our brand ethos and a strategy that we take seriously. We’ve a number of clear directives in place to ensure a responsible approach. The latest initiative is something we’ve called #1moretreeplanted. This new tree planting scheme is designed to compliment our existing range of measures to create a more sustainable company.

1 More Tree Planted

Our #1moretreeplanted initiative is all about planting a tree for every product sold from a selection of our range. Products which benefit from having their own tree will be highlighted on the Northcore website with a #1moretreeplanted logo. Plus the products selected for the programme will include a card inside giving the owner more information about their tree. The goal of our scheme is to help offset the carbon footprint of a product throughout it’s lifetime and beyond. Along with the additional benefits of reforestation and local community engagement.

We’ve joined tree-nation.com as our supplier for this sustainable and managed tree planting. Tree Nation coordinates reforestation projects around the world. They allow individuals and companies like Northcore to contribute and plant more trees. Which is pretty cool!


Northcore Forest -Tree Nation

Northcore tree numbers will be increasing all the time and can be tracked via our Tree Nation page. The trees we’ve selected to date are in Nicaragua, France and Madagascar as we’ve tried to contribute to planting across a varity of regions and tree species. The Northcore trees are a combination of fast growing, high C02 absorbtion or species which contribute in a much wider part of the local eco-systems.

Check out our website if you’ve had your eye on one of our products. See if it includes a tree planted on your behalf and with a purchase you’ll be contributing to improving the health of our planet!

Look out for one of these inside your Northcore product

Other initiatives we have in action right now include; the process of eliminating single use plastic packaging across our entire product collection, making products designed for longevity and producing products made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus our UK warehouse operations recycle and upcycle where possible and we’ve also previously invested in tree planting schemes to help offset our carbon emissions.


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