Am I addicted to Social Media?

More than half of the world now uses social media – that’s 3.96 billion people! It can help us feel connected and informed, gives us a place to share our thoughts and images of places and people we love. But what if social media negatively impacts of our day to day lives and how do we improve our relationship with it?

The digital landscape has been constantly changing, but lock-down saw a boom in social media usage and time spent on the internet. One report showed that 70% of people reported using their phone more during lock-down, but what impact does this extra screen time have?

70% of us reported using our phones more during lockdown.

70% of us reported using our phones more.

Social Media Addiction

Spending more time scrolling may seem like the perfect way to beat boredom, but what if we struggle to stop? Social media addiction is maybe closer than you’d think. It’s characterized by strong urges to open your social apps, being overly concerned with social media and spending so much time on social media little is left for other activities.

Many of us open our social apps without fully thinking about it, and when you consider the effect of social media on the brain it’s easy to see why. Use of social Media triggers the same part of the brain as addictive substances and triggers the release of dopamine according to Harvard University.

Socials have the power to get us hooked, but what then?

Camper van on beach - social media fast

Do you spend more time scrolling than outdoors?

Social Media and Mental Health

Research has shown links between socials and negative mental health and low self-esteem. With such a small part of life being shown on our feeds, it can be easy to think that the people you follow are happier, catch more waves, take more trips and have more than you. In reality, social posts only show a small snapshot of someone’s day but with the barrage of coffee art images and perfect hike shots it can be easy to forget.

While we love to check out people’s dawn patrol pics, too much time on social media can make people feel even more isolated. It’s important to remember that social media cannot replace real human interaction. Face to face contact with people easily increases feelings of happiness, optimism and overall health.

What instead?

As outdoor lovers we suggest a simple solution; getting out there, where we belong! Engaging with the outdoors is good for the soul – spending time in nature each day can improve your mood and help you to stay active.

We all want to stay connected in these unprecedented times. But, if we forfeited some of our scrolling time in favour of a little more exposure to the waters and wilds of our amazing planet we may see a profound difference.

The North Sea - getting outside instead of using social media.

The North Sea – our where.

So join us every Sunday for our #Sundaysocialfast, where we will be putting our phones down for the day and spending the time doing what matters. Whether it’s heading down to the beach, taking a walk on your local trail, going on a micro-adventure or doing some yoga in your yard – take some time out.

Starting this Sunday we’ll be spending the best day of the week remembering our where, because if you don’t have a where you don’t have a why.

We’ll catch you all on Monday.

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