Cornish surf road trip essentials.

We’ve worked with photographer Tom Young on a number of projects so were stoked when he suggested using some of our gear on a surf trip around his native Cornwall. Here’s his story and images:

Tom Young: They say variety is the spice of life, and Cornwall certainly offers that on the wave-front. The rugged coastline and raw Atlantic swell creates an aquatic playground for those willing enough to brave the challenging conditions throughout the year and venture out onto a surf trip. During the colder months, the ocean really comes alive and those little forgotten bays and mystical reefs start to show signs of potential. Prevailing south-westerly winds blow out exposed setups and force us to think outside the box, patiently studying swell charts and Google Maps for a chance at chasing the hidden treasure.

No road trip is complete without a Northcore hula girl gracing your dashboard. A lucky mascot for any strike mission and a bit of entertainment every time your wagon hits a pothole.

Each new discovery requires a certain level of commitment, and with the prospect of an adventure on the cards, a little bit of planning too. If you’re fortunate enough to have a jet ski or boat, then exploring the hidden bays and coves can be a breeze. For the majority of us without such luxuries, it’s a case of filling up a car or van with the necessary gear and hitting the road. Excited to find a new discovery or at the very least, leave the daily grind behind for a while.

Keep your car smelling fresh and dry with this handy drybag. Capable of holding 40L and weighing only 660g, its practical design makes it easy and comfortable to lug your wet gear back to the car.

With every road trip, it’s important to pack the essentials. Whether it’s a 14-hour drive from Thurso, or a day-trip along the coast, being prepared makes it that much more enjoyable. Apart from packing the obvious; surf board, wetsuit, wax etc, a little bit more prep can go a long way, especially if you’re planning on staying overnight. Cornwall is incredibly beautiful, so it’s worth embracing the journey and exploring for a little while, if time permits.

This lightweight chill station gives you the chance to unwind in comfort. A simple design that can be unpacked and hung in minutes. Made out of 100% ripstop fabric and capable of holding up to 220kg, the Northcore hammock is perfect for relaxing after a surf, and even camping out under the stars.

Thinking outside the box is crucial when filling your car with gear. Afterall, there’s always the possibility of getting skunked, and the charts not living up to their promised 5-star rating. Not expecting too much, is something that every Cornish surfer has come to terms with over time. Our fickle coastline can tease and test even the most experienced, and the ever changing weather patterns make it impossible to rely on a plan. Preparing for every eventuality takes the pressure off and can also give you the opportunity to get back to basics with nature. There’s nothing more therapeutic than switching the phone off, setting up camp and making a fire.

There’s not much better than enjoying a post-surf brew after an epic session in the salt. An essential for any roadtrip. Just remember to pack a few beers if you’re staying the night!


The Northcore Quickdry XL Microfibre towel is a perfect lightweight accessory for any roadtrip. If you’re cramming your whole quiver into your Mini Cooper, then space is precious. Having one of these on board can save space and drying time. It can absorb 4 times it’s weight in water and packs down to just 20cm.


There’s not much worse than pulling on a soaking wet wetsuit just before your second chilly surf of the day. The handy ‘hook-up’ magnet is perfect for attaching to your car, or any flat metal surface, drip drying your wettie making the experience a little-less painful. It has a 20kg pull strain, which is capable of holding a soggy 6mm winter suit.

What are you waiting for? Get out and explore!






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