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Recently we’ve been developing a range of new products to compliment our core surfing gear and accessories. We surfers spend a lot of time chasing the waves we ride, exploring, travelling and seeking out adventures, so our new product lines are based on gear we need when we’re out of the water. As always our criteria and considerations for product development are practicality, aesthetics, longevity and environmental, see what you think:

Mmmm tea! Being poured from the Northcore bamboo & stainless steel flask into our steel camping mug

We filmed and shot these products on the UK’s east coast on the beautiful Yorkshire beaches and bays which are framed by stunning cliffs, big skys and the wild North Sea, the home of Northcore. We set up camp in an amazing dome shaped cave which was perfect for our Heimplanet tent which set up in less than a minute. After setting up the first thing we did of course was to have a cup of tea from our bamboo and stainless steel 360ml thermos flask.  Aesthetically it’s a stunning looking bit of kit, it’s tough and keeps hot liquids up to 8 hours so perfect for post surf cup of tea or coffee or when out camping. The mugs we used are our steel enamel camp mugs which are robust, classic and essential for any outdoor use.

Room with a view. Northcore Roll top back pack, a Northcore Fat Possum board, our new 6mm leash and the North Sea

The area where we set up is at Flamborough in East Yorks which is an outstanding area of natural beauty. White chalk cliffs rise up to 400ft above the North Sea, huge seabird colonies with Gannets, Puffins and more nest at nearby Bempton and sea stacks, caves and coves are ideal places to explore. There are also some surf spots in the area but we’re not saying where!


Northcore roll top backpack

We carried a lot of our gear in the new Northcore roll top back pack. It’s constructed of a heavy duty waxed canvas, with leather fasteners. The roll top design perfectly combines the retro look of an old style ruck sack with modern materials like padded and ventilated shoulder straps for real comfort.

Northcore wood handled camp knife and UK hand made leather sheath

As the short winters day light began to dwindle we set about building a camp fire using the Northcore wood handled camping pocket knife and our Hickory wood fire piston. The sharp steel bladed pocket knife was super handy to shave some fine wood strips for tinder to start the fire which we ignited with our fire piston. OK so a match or a lighter is a quicker way to light a fire but nowhere near as much fun. The piston offers a real sense of satisfaction and achievement by lighting a fire with your own two hands. Plus it’s a tool which can last a lifetime, doesn’t need refueling, is kind to the environment and the less nasty cheap plastic disposable lighters on the planet the better.

Northcore Hickory wood fire piston

Our fire piston consists of a hollow cylinder 9cm in length sealed at one end and open at the other. The actual piston has an airtight circular o-ring seal which fits into the cylinder. The piston then has a recess at the tip into which a piece char cloth is placed for igniting. So a rapid push on the end creates compressed air which causes the interior temperature to rise sharply to approx 260°c, this ignites the char cloth inside to a small ember. I did this a couple of times (there’s a real knack to getting it right) getting the ember go which was then dropped into the tinder and blown to create a flame which started our fire. So cool!

Making fire!

Heimplanet tent cave set up

Once the camp fire was roaring we connected our Northcore outdoor/indoor bluetooth speaker to play some background tunes. Our speaker is a rugged, impact and water resistant 10W speaker so it’s perfect for using on the beach or camping. The Bluetooth connects up to 10m, the battery life is up to 12 hours, it’s also a power bank for charging phones etc and there’s a mic for picking up phone calls while connected!

Bluetooth tunes outdoors or indoors

To finish off the evening a cheeky brandy was the order of the day while watching the flames dancing in the fire and listening to the tunes in the background, all accompanied by the sea lapping on the beach. The brandy was safely stored in our real embossed leather and stainless steel hip flask, a product which only improves with age and will be around for generations to come. It was a great way to end the day.

Northcore leather and steel hip flask


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