How do you carry your surfboard? Introducing SurfStraps

Here’s Northcore latest product called SURFSTRAPS, made in collaboration with the Salty Beast brand based out of Australia. The multi-national Salty Beast team have focused on developing a product solution to meet an everyday issue faced by many surfers.

After extensive testing and prototyping, Northcore and Salty Beast joined forces to launch ‘Surf Straps’ in May 2018. Surf Straps are a unique board-carrying solution which makes it easy to transport a surfboard to your nearest surf break whether walking, skating or cycling. The innovative design allows a surfboard to be simply carried on a surfers back in a similar style to a backpack.

Northcore & Salty Beast Surf Straps

The board straps are initially adjusted to fit your boards dimensions. A quick release clip secures the board in place across a wearers chest and makes removing the board a simple task. Surf Straps are designed to fix a surfboard at an off-vertical angle, allowing free unobstructed movement when walking, skating or when cycling. The angle is close enough to vertical so navigation through crowds is effortless.

One of Salty Beast’s founders, Phelim O’Neill, says; “We came up with the concept during a surf season in Biarritz, France. We saw all the locals flying around on bikes with their board under their arm and the leash around their shoulder or with the racks screwed on the side. We knew there had to be an easier way to bring your board with you. As a result, the Surf Straps were born.”

Why use the Surf Straps?

  • Carry your surfboard with ease when walking, skating or cycling.

  • Dual padded straps maximize comfort when using the surf straps.

  • Simple fitting and quick release clip.

  • Fixed at an off-vertical angle preventing board obstruction when in use.

Northcore & Salty Beast Surf Straps

Northcore Founder & CEO Matt Strathern says of the launch; “Product innovation has always been a central part of our brand ethos, so when the team at Salty Beast approached us with their Surf Straps concept we were keen to be involved. The product is simple, effective and a surfers instantly see the benefit. So we’re stoked to be bring Surf Straps to market through our global distribution agreement.”

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