Northcore Surfshields Surfers Ear Plugs: Review by Krissie Claire

We’re stoked with the amazingly positive feedback to our brand new Northcore Surfshields Surfers Ear Plugs. It means a lot to us to hear back from our customers. So when Devon Surfer Krissie Claire contacted our office with the offer of reviewing Surfshields we jumped at the chance. Just so you know, all that Krissie received for this independent review was a pair of Surfshields, the rest was up to her! In her own words:

“Are you a surfer, wanting to be in the sea for as long as possible? Do you suffer from earache or regular ear infections?

As a passionate surfer, I find it hard to stay out of the sea, it’s my happiest place to be even when it’s freezing cold and so windy that I can hear it whistling past my ears. I can sometimes hear the sea water filling up my ears every time my head goes under the water. This wasn’t a problem until the water began to get trapped in my inner ear, affecting my hearing and giving me pain.

Krissie Claire trying out the Surfshields at Croyde bay on a Hugh Brockman BOSS board

Last winter I started to suffer from very painful ear infections which got worse every time I went for a surf but I kept going in because… well, I can’t stay away.

I realised I wasn’t the only surfer suffering from this condition and I noticed many surfers wearing earplugs in the sea. After some questions and research I became aware of Surfer’s ear… The doctor prescribed me with olive oil drops but they didn’t work, in fact; I’m almost certain the drops made it worse! It just clogged them up even further.

What is surfers ear?

Surfers ear is also known as “exostoses”. It is a nasty condition where the ear canal is narrowed by bone and slowly grows over time. Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constricts the ear canal and can trap water. The result can be painful, causing recurring ear infections and worst of all resulting in significant hearing loss and operations involving a drill in your ear!

Krissie Claire trying out the Surfshields at Croyde bay.

How you can prevent the condition ever happening?

I researched and came across a few surfplugs that are designed to prevent surfer’s ear by keeping the wind and water out. I spent £80 for some personalised moulded surfplugs, but they were so uncomfortable and kept falling out, plus I couldn’t hear a thing, generally ruining the overall surf experience for me.

I recently discovered Northcore’s brand new ‘Surfshields Surfers Ear Plugs’ and read that they are made from 100% allergy-free soft washable material, making them super comfortable and they stay in the ear! Not only this but they let sound in so you can still hear everything going on around you! I had to give them a try and at £24.99 they definitely won’t break the bank.

Northcore SurfShields surfers ear protection

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Surfshields! I cannot explain how much comfier they were in comparison to others I’ve tried.

When the Surfshields arrived at my door I first noticed the high quality of the packaging. I could tell that a lot of thought had gone into the design- even the label has beautiful artwork of waves and a dolphin’s tail around the handy little zipped pouch to keep them snug and safe.

I tried out the Surfshields, hoping they fit and most importantly felt good so that I’d be keen to wear them every session.

Northcore SurfShields – surfers ear protection

I was so happy to be able to easily insert the plugs in my ears before going for a surf, instantly feeling relieved that they were soft and comfortable in my ears in comparison to other surf plugs I’ve used. They are also really small and blend in well with the colour of a wetsuit, making them super stylish.

I tucked the string into the back of my wetsuit and used the clip provided to attach them securely just in case they fell out! (they didn’t by the way). Guess what? I could hear everything going on around me! YAY! My ears were protected from the wind and water and I could still hear the waves, nature and friends chatting, this was a great feeling.

I’m finally feeling like I’m protecting myself from surfer’s ear without being in discomfort or missing the sounds of the sea whilst surfing AND they are affordable!

If you’re regularly in the sea, you need a pair of these!

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