Powerstroke surf fitness training – begin your surf workout.

We all love to surf, but are you happy with your wave count? If you feel like you’re missing out on waves due to lack of surf fitness training then Northcore™ PowerStroke is the answer. Often work, injuries, distances, family commitments etc limit our surfing so we can’t always dedicate as much water time as we like. Subsequently surf and paddle fitness can deteriorate. This is where fitness training with the Northcore™ PowerStroke can help. The PowerStroke Cord system when used regularly as part of a surf training regime will boost your wave count, boost your fitness and ultimately mean you’ll be catching more waves. PowerStroke are lightweight, you can take them anywhere and even use it to warm up before paddling out.

Begin your surf fitness training with the Northcore Powerstroke

So here’s a suggested simple PowerStroke surf fitness training workout to improve aerobic fitness and surfing endurance:


SET 1: Low aerobic end chilled out paddling movements

Powerstroke surf fitness training

Paddle motion workout

WARM UP: Paddle movements 4 minutes
MAIN SET: Paddle 2 x 8 minutes
Your breathing should be light, these times are dependent on your paddle ability so if you find it tough try lowering the length of time and vary the cord tension by looping it around a fixed point and base it on your strength and what feels comfortable.

SET 2: Mid/high end aerobic endurance surfing fitness


WARM UP: Paddle movements 4-6 minutes
MAIN SET: 4×3 min at a pace that generates heavy breathing. i.e. -85% of your MHR (max heart rate).
After each 3 min session give yourself 60 seconds rest, then repeat, it is important during this set to remember that breathing should be heavy, if you can hold a short conversation afterwards but not for very long you know you’re about there. Set size of x 4+ is dependent on your existing fitness.

Powerstroke surf fitness training

What are the benefits of this simple but effective type of training?


  1. Improved aerobic fitness
  2. Improved range of movement
  3. Aids injury prevention
  4. Improves strength and endurance


Watch this space as we’ll be bring you more tips, workouts and videos soon.



And here’s the disclaimer stuff:

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