Staying healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The world’s population has been thrown into unprecedented times. Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is affecting us all. The uncertainties we are experiencing can lead to worry, anxiety and fear for ourselves and loved ones. But remember, that’s a natural reaction and one that can be eased by looking after your physical and mental well being.

Terms like social distancing and self isolation are now either on peoples minds or are in effect. However these shouldn’t prevent us from leading our lives (albeit different from from what we’re used to) and staying healthy. This is where nature can lend a hand, along with a sensible, considerate outlook.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite tips and resources that are useful for physical and mental well being and staying generally healthy during the coronavirus outbreak, especially for those of us confined to home.

Some time alone in nature during the coronavirus outbreak

Some time alone in nature

Staying Active

The benefits of being outdoors and eating well are proven to be beneficial. So now more than ever it’s a good time to put these into practice. Even if you’re staying at home right now, try to get out into nature for a little time each day (even if it is the back garden). Spending some time in nature each day has been found make you feel a little more relaxed and can improve your mood. There is also an array of home exercises that you can do to try to stay active and healthy, some of our favourites are…

  • Joe Wicks of The Body Coach is streaming at home exercises every morning at 9am – great to establish a good morning routine at home and get your heart rate up alone or with the whole family.
  • Practise your pop-ups. This is especially great for beginners, but even seasoned shredders can get finesse and a form of exercise from popping up. The best part is you can do these on the floor with no equipment.
  • Any yoga is great exercise that improves your core strength and flexibility, but there are many yoga sequences designed specifically for surfers, runners, people with back problems – you name it. There are so many online yoga resources out there, but some of our favourites are Yoga For Surfers with Peggy Hall, and Yoga with Adrienne.
  • Taking a walk near home. Fresh air and a few minutes away from the house to be in nature can be physically and mentally healing.
  • HIIT exercises. Easy to perform, don’t take long and can improve your oxygen consumption which is an important factor in sports endurance.
Books on surfing to read during the Coronavirus outbreak

Surf related reads

Staying Positive

Mental well being is an important part of staying healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by the increase of news articles and social media posts or are looking for something to do at home, there are things we can do to stay calm and positive.


podcasts to listen to while staying home

Staying home essentials


  • Looking for something to watch? As well as the vast array of films and TV shows available on your favourite streaming service, there are so many surf shorts out there which are inspiring, insightful and visually stunning. Some we love are Rochina’s New Wave, One Shot and Azalera with Team Rider Gautier Garanx.
  • Mediation can be a helpful way to de-stress, especially in a time of routine change and uncertainty. We love the Headspace app, there are free and paid options for guided meditations – some only taking 5 minutes!
  • Music is a great way to escape anytime, but as many of us have more time at home than ever it might be time to mix it up. Try making playlists for your mates and asking them to return the favour! We asked our Team Riders and Brand Advocates their favourite songs and made a playlist of our own, ‘Shreddin’ From Home‘.


Healthy food ideas for the corona virus outbreak

Healthy food ideas for the corona virus outbreak

Eating Well

Eating well is always important, but now is a great time to try something new! Maybe it’s time to make that recipe you’ve been meaning to make for months. Getting all the right nutrients will not only help us to feel great physically but mentally. Plus, try not to forget that vitamin D if you’re going outside less! Theres an abundance of information on eating well and recipe ideas out there, but here’s some to get you started.

  • NHS Eatwell Guide has trusted dietary information on getting in all of the micro and macro nutrients you need
  • Vegan Bowls have tonnes of recipes on their Insta feed and a great recipe newsletter. Packed with veggies and pretty easy to make!
  •  Happy Yolks is a recipe blog packed with ideas – plus you can search by ingredients so you can look for something to use up what you have on hand.

If you have any tips, films, podcasts, books or recipes to share, please tell us in the comments below!




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