Surf training and surfing fitness series

We all love to surf, but are you happy with your wave count? If you feel like you’re missing out on waves due to lack of surf fitness and mobility training then Northcore™ PowerStroke could be the answer.

We’ve teamed up with Cris Mills of Surf Strength Coach, the surf industries leading surf fitness guru who has devised a series of short exercises to help boost surf strength, endurance and mobility. We’ll be bringing you regular new video exercises covering a range of surf fitness tips for your surfing workout so watch this space! Episode 1 – Cris takes us through the lat pull.

Episode 2 – Cris takes us through the Powerstroke Endurance Circuit

Episode 3 – Cris takes us through Shoulder pulls and mobility with Powerstroke

Episode 4 – This episode Cris takes us through lat activation for surf paddling strength.

Episode 5 – This episode Cris takes us through two exercises for better and more efficient surf paddling.

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