The top 9 van life essentials.

Van life is becoming ever more popular and we can see why. Vans are a mobile home on wheels to take where ever you like, ready to pull up and chill out. Vans can be great fun especially the older classics, so many end up being named by their owners and almost become part of the family. If they are properly kitted out they are perfect for surf trips and getting away, so why not treat your van to some van life essentials.

A Van life classic – VW Splitty. Image ~ Russell Ord

A VW Split Screen van, AKA “Bus”, AKA “Splitty”, is a van life icon. The splitty became the original surf van in the 60’s and since then has given birth to a whole sub-culture of camper van ownership. Here’s our top 9 van life products to compliment your ride:

Northcore “Hook Up” magnet – Lucie Donlan team rider, Image ~ Sharpy

  1. This product should be included with every sale of a camper van, it’s that useful! Those who own one or more Northcore “Hook Up” magnets would never be without them now as they’re so versatile. The Northcore Hook Up hanger is a silicone rubber coated magnet with a 20kg pull strain designed to attached to flat metal surfaces allowing a whole range of hanging possibilities like hanging of wetsuits, towels, clothing and more. Upgrade your van!


Northcore camp mugs – Image ~ Tom Bing (these mugs were on the road for a year travelling the whole of South, Central and North America’s west coasts!)

2. Robust and practical Northcore’s signature enameled steel camp mug is an outdoor classic, essential for van life, camping, adventures,   outdoor use or just looking cool!


Dashboard hula doll

3. OK so she is a little bit Kitsche but she will brighten up any van. Our hula girl dances and hulas as your vehicle’s motion transfers to a hidden spring under her skirt. Treat you van to a smile :)


Banging bluetooth tunes outdoors or indoors

4. The Northcore Acoustic Grenade 10W Bluetooth Speaker is rugged. Whether on a surf adventure, camping or at a festival the aluminium alloy Bluetooth Connect Acoustic Grenade wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth enabled device up to a distance of 10m. Being a Northcore product it’s tough, with a silicone rubber shell designed for impact resistance. It’s also water resistant standing up to nature’s elements, heavy rain and water splash. The 10W speaker delivers amazing sound clarity with a thumping bass delivering sound through two 50mm drivers capable of producing 90db of volume. A great van accessory.

The perfect wetsuit hanger

5. The Northcore SlideHanger is a rugged bit of kit made in California from 100% recycled ABS plastic. It’s designed to eliminate shoulder wear in wetsuits and general material fatigue, significantly reducing overall fabric stress caused by standard hangers, which in turn extends the life of your wetsuit. If you use your van for surf trips, a Slidehanger is a must

Comfort and practicality

6. For surfers, open water swimmers and more a changing mat is a great accessory so why not upgrade to a Northcore Grass Mat. Our grass mat is a heavy duty, water resistant polyester changing mat, lined with 6mm of artificial grass which acts as a barrier to cold or hard ground when getting changed outdoors. It’s perfect for van owners changing outside as the mat traps sand and mud keeping it out of your camper van.

Hammock with a view

7. Who doesn’t love a hammock! The Northcore rip stop “Kick Back” hammock is perfect for van owners – hang it up in minutes between two vans if travelling with friends or wherever you like, then just lie back and chill :)

Northcore wood handled camp knife and UK hand made leather sheath

8. A pocket knife can be one of the most useful pieces of kit you ever own especially when it comes to camping and outdoor life, so we’ve produced a wood handled knife with adventure in mind. An essential piece of equipment to leave in any van.

Northcore heavy duty universal seat covers.

9.  The Northcore van seat cover is a premium, tough, waterproof cover which will fit most single car and van seats. It’s ideal for road trips protecting your van seats from food, sand and mud.

It’s time to get on the road :)

Truck life – Baja Mexico – Image ~ Tom Bing

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