Valentines Day Gifts for surfers and adventurers

Valentines Day can be a day of celebration with the people in your life who you love and appreciate. And if those people are surfers, adventurers or loved ones who embrace the outdoors we’ve some great Valentine gift ideas to help you pull off the perfect gift!

Tokens of appreciation

Wanting to show someone your appreciation with an eco-vibe this Valentines Day? Check out our range of bamboo gifts from our classic wall tide clock, to our bamboo wax box for that special surfer in your life. Sustainable and they look awesome too!

Valentines Day

Bamboo Wax Box (£11.99)    Wall Tide Clock (£34.99)    Bamboo Thermos Flask (£34.99)     Bamboo Cutlery (£9.99)

Shopping for you both

Wanting a matching set for you and your significant other this Valentines Day? We’ve got the perfect gifts for you. Find some inspiration with our brand new wash bag or essentials backpack ranges. Available in 3 different colour ways Hibiscus, Camo and Classic Black.

Northcore Mini Backpacks in Black, Camo and Hibiscus – £24.99

Northcore Wash & Gear Bags in Blue, Grey and Black – £19.99

Treat yourself

If the real love in your life are your surfboards (we get it don’t worry) then why not display them. With our Quiver Surfboard Floor Rack, you can store up to 5 boards safely and securely. The natural wood construction means it also looks pretty cool too!

Northcore Quiver Surfboard Rack – £165

How about a gift that anyone can share.  The Northcore Zen Balance Board is perfect for increasing strength, improving balance and overall fitness. Perfect for kids, beginners, intermediates and Pro’s alike. The ideal solution for a home workout on those days you can’t get to the beach or the gym.

Northcore Zen Balance Board- £85

Wanting a companion for those summer road trips? Look no further than the Northcore Dashboard Hula Doll. She dances and hulas as your vehicle’s motion transfers to a hidden spring under her skirt. Place her on your vehicle dashboard for a permanent retro road trip mascot.

Northcore Hawaiian Hula Dashboard Doll- £15.99

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