What difference does a year make?

Whilst 2021 proved to continue to be a challenge worldwide, as we started the year still in a lockdown due to the covid 19 pandemic, our staff were still working remotely and things looked a little strange! However we still had some pretty awesome moments and ones we like to take a look back on.

Got Back to the Office

After a crazy few months of covid and more lockdowns causing staff to work from home. We finally all reunited and got back to the Northcore office full time in May. Whilst things are still not quite normal, with all the right precautions in place, it’s good to be back!

northcore team

Featured in Podcasts

We discovered some awesome podcasts which featured our team riders such as Peter Conroy and Sandy Kerr. Even brand ambassador Ashley Braunton featured on a couple! Not forgetting our very own Matt Strathern, Northcore founder, featured on the UK Surf Show podcast to chat to the guys about how he founded the brand and of course, some surf chat too! Give the episode a listen here. April was officially Northcore month at The UK Surf Show and we joined the guys in giving away Northcore goodies all month long! Looking forward to a new podcast every Monday morning was a great start to the week.

Northcore founder Matt Strathern on UK Surf Show podcast

Launch of Northcore Essentials Range

As the Summer approached, we launched our first Northcore Essentials Range. Going back to basics with a premium touch. Included in the range was our brand new backpacks, bodyboard bags and even some surfboard fins. Whilst creating our essentials range we stayed true to our central values designing and creating premium products. As part of the launch, photographer Lewis Arnold headed on an outdoor summer shoot.

Northcore Essentials Range Camo Backpack

Northcore Van Adventures

After finalising the van conversion back in 2019, the Northcore Van went on many more adventures in 2021 from up north right down to Cornwall. Going into 2022 we hope to take the van on many more adventures to beaches, festivals and more.

Change of Social Handle

Our roots will always be cold water surfing, but as we’ve grown the brand and products have naturally progressed to multi-discipline water, outdoor and adventure sports. Surfing and adventure is in our brand DNA so to be more representative we updated our social handle from Northcore Surf to Northcore.

1000 Tree’s Planted

As part of our 1 More Tree Planted scheme, we plant a tree around the world for every eligible Northcore product purchased. This year we have officially planted over 1000 tree’s worldwide. Whilst limiting the environmental impact of business activities may not be the most rock and roll aspect of a company story, it is integral to our brand ethos and a strategy that we take seriously. Want to plant a tree? Check out our eligible products here.

Northcore tree planting

15th Anniversary

After being founded in 2006, this year Northcore celebrated our 15th anniversary. With a week long 15% off offer to celebrate and a blog post looking back over our past 15 years, it was a pretty awesome week. To celebrate we also launched two brand new colours in our original c-mat which is a classic Northcore product.

Worked with Surf Steps and ISA

One of our favourite programmes we worked with this year was with Surf Steps and the ISA to provide surf gear to young surfers and surf camps in Senegal. We also were able to help ship out some pre-loved wetsuits from the Wetsuit Centre to Senegal ahead of the winter season. A huge thanks to everyone involved. We are super excited to continue exploring ways to increase access to surfing into 2022 and connecting with others through our love of surfing. Surf Steps and ISA

Our New Journey

Towards the backend of this year, we became part of the Internet Fusion Group . So we’re super excited for the next phase of the brand’s journey as part of one of the worlds leading action sports companies.

We want to say a big thanks to everyone who supports us, from our team riders, ambassadors and photographers, to all our customers, distributors, and agents. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Northcore!

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