Which Changing Robe should you choose?

If you’ve ever changed into a wetsuit or swimming gear outside, you’ll now that there’s a high risk of exposing yourself to the world and on cold days it can be a chilly experience! The solution was the outdoor changing robe and it’s been a blessing to millions. We launched our original terry-towel “Beach Basha” changing robe back in 2010, and it was a game-changer. Since then, our changing robe range has evolved and innovated. To meet the demands of the ever growing numbers of year round outdoor enthusiasts we created two top of the range technical changing robes. The Beach Basha Sport and the Beach Basha Pro.

The key function of both robes remains the same however both offer their own benefits. So what is the difference between the Beach Basha Sport and the Beach Basha PRO Changing Robe?”

Well, here’s the answers…


Let’s start with the similarities of both Changing Robes:

  • Water-resistant
  • One size
  • Perfect for staying warm and dry
  • Hooded
  • Rain and Wind resistant
  • Selection of pockets
  • Comes in a reusable storage bag

Inner Lining

The PRO and the Sport Changing Robe both have different inner linings. The Beach Basha Sport has a 100% sherpa fleece inner lining, making it the perfect robe for staying toasty and warm even on the chilliest of days. Whilst this is great for after a surf, it also means the Sport is pretty awesome as a jacket too! On the other hand, the Beach Basha PRO is a two-layered robe meaning it can be used in all four seasons. The inner layer of the Pro robe is a 100% cotton toweling robe so the drying properties are enhanced, and it can simply be detached from the outer layer in the summer and used as a spring/summer robe.


Outer Layer

Both outer layers are water-resistant so you can wear the robe, even in the worst conditions. The PRO has a lightweight, strong polyester outer layer has an impressive water resistance rating of 5000mm and a breathability rate of 5000g. So wind and showers are dealt with whilst any moisture on the inner layer is allowed to breathe through the shell. Whilst the Sport has a PU coated nylon outer softshell which is ideal for rain and wind resistance. The outer shell of the Sport is not detachable.

Northcore Beach Basha Changing Robe

Colour range:

Once you decide on the robe that best suits you, here comes the fun part, which colour? We currently stock 3 different colourways for each robe, but the selection is constantly expanding so stay tuned! The PRO is available to order now in: Red, Blue, Black


Northcore Beach Basha PRO Changing robe colour selectionThe Sport is available to order now in: Blue, Black, camo

Beach Basha Sport Changing Robe Selection


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