Emily Grimes

Emily Grimes


Emily Grimes grew up in the countryside spending time with horses and various other landlocked activities. Emily didn’t even pick up a surfboard until she was 21 in Australia but nowliving near Newcastle on the UK North Sea she surfs as often as possible. When her training to be a maths teacher allows Emily surfs locally but will also head north or south for the weekend to chase a decent swell. Emily has fallen in love with longboards and single fins and enjoys pushing herself in more sizable surf. Her goal is to enter a few surf competitions including Scarborough's King Of The Point comp.

Emily says, "I have a tendency to jump into things head first and become very committed (my mother would say addicted!). So I’m sure you can imagine the consequences of this predisposition combined with picking up a surfboard. Very quickly it took over my life and I now suffer the condition of checking charts all around the country approximately 50 times a day."

"I love being out in sizey conditions and proving that I have a place in the line up."

Emily still enjoys horse riding and climbing as well as surfing. In the future she hopes to be able to combine these passions and provide others with the opportunity to enjoy time in the outdoors, both in the water and on land.