Peter Conroy

Peter was born and raised close to Ennis in County Clare on Ireland's beautiful west coast. From a young age Peter was very involved in swimming and lifesaving, competing in both disciplines. He began surfing at the same time as he started lifeguarding on the beaches of Clare at the age of 16. From there a love of big waves developed as he challenged himself to go bigger every time a heavy swell rolled in.

"You're not going surfing, you're going into battle"

Peter admits that he wasn't always the best surfer in the water back then but he could always rely on his abilities developed through his rigorous fitness and training regimes which help when taking a beating from a big wave!

Over the years he has honed his skills in big waves and now feels very comfortable surfing and rescuing in anything over 20ft. Peter's full time work is as a fireman/paramedic in the Dublin Fire Brigade and when he's not working he'll be found driving all over the country surfing. Peter says of his lifestyle "I work to surf .......for the love of surfing..."