Sandy Kerr

Sandy Kerr was born and raised on the UK's North East coast overlooking the sea and the Tyne river mouth. Surfing doesn't get much more real than North Sea surfing, with cold water, heavy waves, barrelling reefs and sand bars, sharing waves with a friendly but core crew of dedicated surfers. Sandy began to surf at the age of 14 and grew up surfing with some of the UK's finest ever riders including The Davies Brothers, Sam Lamiroy and Joel Gray. Sandy rips on all of the local waves from The Cove in North Yorks up to Northumberland and beyond to Thurso when it's firing.

"Northerners don’t see it as cold water surfing, it’s just surfing to us"

He has also been fortunate to spend two back-to-back Winters on the Hawaiian Northshore proving grounds. Sandy's goals are to push himself further into bigger and heavier waves, and enter surf competitions when the opportunity arises, which has all been helped by having Gabe Davies as his surfing wingman over the past few years whose inspiration and encouragement have helped him push the surfing boundaries. During the summer months Sandy works as a surf instructor and lifeguard on his local beaches and down time includes coffee drinking, bodysurfing, free diving, and keeping fit.