On the Road with Bobby Bolton

On the Road with Bobby Bolton

We caught up with full-time adventurer and avid outdoorsman, Mr Bobby Bolton, as he and Marie take on the trip of a lifetime: Driving from England to Australia in a self-built overland camper truck.

If you’re not already, it’s well worth giving Bobby a follow over on Instagram (@one.life.truck.it) and heading over to his YouTube channel. But for now, here’s a little insight into his journey so far…

Can you give us an ‘elevator pitch’ style proposal of the journey ahead?

In the winter of 2022, I decided to drastically change my life (and my dogs!) for the better! 

Having broken up with my fiance of 11 years, I knew I needed a fresh start, so what better way to wipe the slate clean than on an epic road trip from the UK to Australia…and the dream was born! 

Is there a spot along the route map that you’re really looking forward to visiting? And is there one you’re dreading (tight roads/high elevation/weather etc)?

I can’t wait to see the Himalayas, following the southern edge down from Pakistan, India and into Nepal! I’m not sure how the truck is going to cope with the mountain roads, but we will soon find out!!

What are three songs that are always on repeat in the van?

Great question as music is playing a big part of the trip and I am an avid playlist maker! 

For New Year we stumbled upon a România band playing in a town in Transylvania, and actually really enjoyed their folk/road music so have been blasting their music recently.

But Frank Sinatra’s New York is featuring heavily, as is Red Hot Chilli pepper’s Dani California! 

You reach a service station, halfway through a long stretch of driving - What drink + snack are you grabbing to keep up morale?

It’s got to be a coffee! Which is a gamble these days with what you’re actually given! 

But I’m on the hunt for Milka bars with Tuc biscuits melted in! Soooo good!! 

How is Red fairing up? He seems to be fully embracing the nomad dog life.

He is absolutely living his best life, and actually behaving really well!

I was most worried about the strays in Eastern Europe, but after a week he got used to saying hello and wondering off without trouble. 

If you had to present an idea for a new bit of Northcore kit to help you along your way - What would it be and why?

A wetsuit jacket/coat! I had one about 10 years ago and honestly one of my favourite bits of kit I ever had.

So as opposed to coming out of the water and changing or getting cold, sticking a wetsuit jacket on either over a wetsuit or not is awesome!

Mine was oversized like a parka and kept me warm sooooo often during summer and winter session surfing, but I also wore it paddleboarding! 


How can people follow along and keep updated with your adventures? 

@one.life.truck.it on Instagram. From there you’ll find links to all sorts including the YouTube channel! 

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