Surfing Photography with Caleb Giddens

Surfing Photography with Caleb Giddens

We caught up with photographer and filmmaker, Caleb Giddens, who shared his journey in the world of surf photography with us.


If you’re not already, it’s well worth giving Caleb a follow over on Instagram (@calebgiddensmedia), or check out his surf magazine, Local, here (@local.mag).. But for now, here’s a little insight into his journey so far…



How did your journey into photography and filmmaking kick off?

I was studying filmmaking at college, which is where my love for being behind the lens really started. It wasn’t until lockdown that I truly honed in on my creative passions and love for capturing the sea. The valuable time spent focusing on creativity during those months changed my life.


Your own surf magazine is a pretty cool venture. What sparked the idea? Tell us about it and where we can buy it/find you?

Local is really a passion project built on a shared heart for the surf, ocean, and art community in Cornwall. We aim to bring together incredible people into physical print media and events, showcasing the fascinating stories and faces of Cornwall. We are currently working on Issue 4, to be released at the end of summer 2024. It will be available through our website and at Roma Surf shop.


Where are you based, and what do you love most about living there?

I’m based in lovely Newlyn in Penwith, Cornwall. The community and the raw, wild coastline are my favourite things about Cornwall.


Any favourite food spots or hangouts in your area you'd recommend?

Shoals Brewery in Porthleven is my go-to spot, with incredible beer and amazing food from its partner restaurant on the Harbourside, the Mussel Shoal. Kelvin and Dai, who run it, are living legends who also rip at surfing! They always host our magazine launches, and it's Local Mag’s real birthplace. They also run a great Open Mic night that my band and I frequently play at. My advice is to get down to the brewery; it’s the best place in Cornwall.


Any upcoming adventures or trips you're looking forward to?

Ireland is in the crosshairs, as well as a bumper snowboarding trip in the winter. Who needs warm water, right? Maybe I’ll try to get to Portugal as well, haha.


 Your photography featuring your brother, Nate, is cool. How did that come about? And what's the plan with the film you're working on together?

I have seen Nate’s surfing improve drastically, especially in the past few months, as he ritually surfs his local spots. I had a vision for a film documenting his life surfing and being home-educated, not owning a phone, and being intentionally disconnected from his generation’s stereotypes yet deeply connected to the sea. The plan is to keep filming until he is happy with the waves I have captured. We will be releasing “Disconnected” this winter.

Check out Nates Instagram here... @nate.the.grom


Caleb has turned his passion for photography and filmmaking into a thriving creative journey, enriched by the stunning backdrop of Cornwall and a tight-knit community. From the inception of a unique surf magazine to capturing heartfelt stories through the lens, his work resonates with a deep love for the sea and the people connected to it. We're excited to see what the future holds for their upcoming projects and adventures. Be sure to follow his journey, grab a copy of Local, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world they are crafting.


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