Wintering with Emily Grimes & Co

Wintering with Emily Grimes & Co

When first approached by Emily (@grimesatron) and partner Chris of NE Surf about a winter road trip to Scotland, we were a little confused as to why they weren’t packing up to warmer climes. But being good friends of Northcore since way back when, we knew it best to humour their plans to head north (further north), in search of waves during a cold, wet January. 

If you know anything about the team behind NE Surf, you’ll know they have a thing for four-wheeled friends. Usually seen with boards strapped to its flanks and a bearded, smiling figure behind the wheel (@dsylexicchris), the aptly named Dog House can be spotted taking the not too scenic route up (or down) the A1 - depending on the swell. 

It has been kitted out with some of our very own van-centric essentials and less essential (yet equally awesome) pieces. Here goes…

The Van Tour

First, let’s head up front in the cab and talk accessories. Always losing your keys? Why not chuck a Northcore lanyard in your basket at checkout - They’re cheap, easily repairable, and look great on a set of van keys. Pair them with a Hula doll up on the dashboard and you’ve got yourself a proper little beach bomber!

Now to a Northcore staple that’s been tried and tested the world over - The humble Seat Cover. This is a top-tier, tough waterproof cover that will fit most single car and van seats. Great when you can't be bothered to change out of your wetsuit to go to another spot or get home, just jump in the car and go.

The majority of the NE Surf fleet is kitted out with our seat covers, and there is even a pair currently making their way to Australia from England in a self-built overland camper truck. But that’s one for another day… Check out to see them being sat on. 

It’s time to explore the exterior of the Dog House and take a look at the surfboard setup. Here we have a classic set of D-Ring Tie Downs putting in a shift to keep the boards safe in their Aircooled Surfboard Travel Bags. The straps are pretty heavy-duty with minimal parts to ensure longevity, whilst the neoprene protective sleeves protect the van’s exterior from scratches.

We highly recommend our more robust Travel Bags for those looking to strap up and get going, without having to worry about their boards en route. Emily and Chris have caked them in mud, driven them through snow, and dragged them around a load of beach car parks - They’re still going strong. 

Thanks again to the NE Surf crew for their amazing community work, sharing the stoke in the North East and putting our gear through its paces. Check out a few highlights from their most recent trip - HERE

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