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Key Safe Box

Key Safe Box

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The Key Box 4-digit combination key safe is designed for portable secure key storage. A double layered zinc alloy and rust resistant steel construction with shuttered combination wheel make it tough enough to be used year round outdoors. The lock is ideally suited to securing vehicle keys when taking a key with you isn't always practical, especially in outdoor sports like surfing, watersports, mountain biking, kayaking and more.

The Key Box can resist heavy impact, hammering and sawing so can also be used at home for house keys, vacations or outbuildings. The Key safe has 4 metal combination wheels which are easy to personalise with your own number and securely reset when needed with up to 10,000 possible combination options.

The generous storage capacity of Key Box will allow storage of multiple house keys and most vehicle keys. The coated removable steel shackle means that the safe can be attached and secured almost anywhere with a suitably sized fixed anchor point like Car tow eye, door handles etc.

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