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Northcore Bamboo Cutlery Set

Northcore Bamboo Cutlery Set

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You can help eliminate single-use plastic cutlery. Plastic cutlery is the seventh most commonly found plastic litter on beaches so it's an environmental disaster.

The solution is to bring and use your own eco-friendly alternative - bamboo cutlery and straws.

Northcore bamboo cutlery set is lightweight so perfect for carrying on camping trips, using at BBQs, picnics or van living. It's also durable and will withstand continued use. Our bamboo cutlery is sustainable, stylish and practical, why wouldn't you own a set!

Our bamboo cutlery set includes:

  • Bamboo fork
  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Bamboo knife with a serrated edge
  • Bamboo spoon
  • 20-cm bamboo straw with a cleaning brush
  • A handy cotton canvas storage and carry pouch
  • Total weight 71g and rolled up pouch 22cm x 7cm

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