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Northcore Heavy Duty Tree Hanger Strap

Northcore Heavy Duty Tree Hanger Strap

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The Northcore tree hanger strap is a versatile bit of kit with loads of uses. It's ideal for pairing with a wetsuit hanger, just use the strap to secure your wetsuit hanger almost anywhere. Or use two tree straps for the rapid set up and hanging of a hammock.

The 50mm wide, heavy-duty webbing strap is approx 370mm long with black d-rings at both ends. The D- rings are slightly different sizes (65mm and 60mm), so the smaller ring can pass through the larger to allow the strap to be looped and hung. The strap also comes with an 80mm long black anodised aluminium carabiner with secure screw-down sleeve.

The 100kg pull strain heavy duty strap can be looped or wrapped to the required length and hung wherever you need to either store or dry your wetsuit. Hang it from a tree, a vehicle wing mirror, from a Northcore "Hook Up" magnet, shower curtain rail, clothes line... you get the idea.

  • Increase hanging options for wetsuits, hammocks and much more
  • 370mm long x 50mm wide
  • D-rings at both ends
  • 100kg pull strain
  • 80mm long anodised aluminium carabiner with screw-down sleeve
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