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Northcore Wood Handled Pocket Camp Knife

Northcore Wood Handled Pocket Camp Knife

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A pocket knife can be one of the most useful pieces of kit you ever own especially when it comes to camping and outdoor life, so we've produced a knife with adventure in mind. 

The single folding 7cm stainless steel blade folds neatly away into a non-porous, high density Zebrano wood handled body. The knife only weighs 60g and is a compact 2.5cm x 9cm when closed so easy to carry without adding excessive weight to a back pack. It features a pocket clip and a thumb stud on the blade for easy and one handed opening.

The blade is a dual purpose design with a plain sharp edge towards the tip which is really useful for cutting through rope (especially synthetic rope) and a serrated edge toward the back of the blade. Serrated edges are a must for any camping knife as they can be used like a small saw for cutting through a range of materials like wood or fabric. They are also useful for preparing food like vegetables, soft fruit, cooked meats and bread. The blade locks for safety when open and uses a liner locking mechanism which also allows for the blade to be closed.

The Northcore camp knife is lightweight, compact and can be used for multiple tasks. The stainless steel and high density wood design has been crafted for longevity - it's built to survive!

  • Single folding 7cm blade
  • Stainless steel with Zebrano wood
  • Weighs 60g
  • Only 9cm x 2.5cm when closed
  • Pocket clip
  • Thumb stud for easy opening
  • Includes partially serrated blade
  • Safety lock

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*Ownership of any knife requires with a certain level of awareness and responsibility both to yourself and those around you, but it may also have legal implications. For more information on UK knife legislation click here to read our blog article. For countries outside of the UK please check local laws before purchasing.

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