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Surfboard Carry Straps

Surfboard Carry Straps

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The Northcore Surf Straps are a unique board-carrying solution which makes it easy to transport a surfboard to your nearest surf break whether walking, skating or cycling to the beach. The innovative design allows a surfboard to be simply carried on your back in a similar style to a backpack.

The board straps are initially adjusted to fit your board's dimensions. A quick-release clip secures the board in place across a wearers chest and makes removing the board a simple task. Surf Straps are designed to fix a surfboard at an off-vertical angle, allowing free unobstructed movement when walking, skating or when cycling. The angle is close enough to vertical so navigation through crowds is effortless.

  • Dual padded shoulder straps
  • Simple fitting and quick release clip.
  • Fixed at an off-vertical angle.
  • Not suitable for longboards or SUP's
  • Approx weight 0.26kg
  • Perfect bit of kit for any surfer
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