Insane slab surfing – a Riley’s photo gallery

There’s a slab of rock which lies just beneath the ocean’s surface in Ireland’s Clare county that  has been shaped over the millennia to create the perfect set up for heavy, bowling, top to bottom left hand barrels – they call it Rileys. Rileys is not a surfing wave for the faint-hearted – it’s a powerful, pitching shallow spot that claims injuries and all time rides in almost equal measure.

Peter Conroy is one man who knows Rileys as well as anyone. Being a local paddle and tow surfer at the wave, Peter “AKA” Pedro, once suffered a broken back at the spot, so he is well qualified to understand the power and beauty of the wave. Pete (fully recovered now from his back injury) works as a fire fighter/paramedic but during his time off local legend Pete is also a Northcore surf team rider, surf safety guru and amateur photographer. His skill set, water time and knowledge of the wave at Rileys has uniquely placed Pete in a position of being able to safely explore the wave from every angle and use his love of photography to capture some stunning images. So we’re stoked to bring you a collection of Pete’s shots from both the water and drone allowing us ringside access to one of the planets most spectacular waves.

The rock slab of Rileys revealing the shape that creates such a spectacular wave.

Rileys glass off

The view from behind the peak

The view from above

Rileys is a boogie boarders dream wave.

A view from below

shacked – Rileys looking almost tropical

Looking into the barrel

The man himself Peter Conroy in yet another sketchy looking spot!

A BIG thanks goes out to Pete for sharing all of these stunning images – legend!

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